Monday, February 18, 2008

Wild Finish

The Wild Card races in both leagues are tightly packed and likely won't be decided until the final games of the season, a welcomed sight with division races all but over. Here is a rundown of where things stand as of this writing....

AL Wild Card Standings:
Philadelphia Athletics(markbl): 71-58
Colorado Bombers(jokeitch): 70-59
San Juan Sand Files(gccoach): 68-61
Rochester Royals(ericloy): 67-62
Pawtucket Quahogs(mikeg740): 64-65
Minnesota Finlanders(nalleyjohn): 63-66

With 33 games remaining all 6 teams are still in the running. The favorite to take one of the spots has to be the current leader, the Philly Athletics. Legendary manager Markbl has produced a playoff entrant in all 6 seasons, while bringing home the World Series in season 4. They will have to rely on the 5th ranked offense in order to make up for a pitching staff giving up over 5 runs a game. Despite having such a small lead over the 2nd spot, one would expect the Bombers to hold on and make the playoffs. Jokeitch is new to the league, but was able to take over a powerhouse franchise that has given him a chance to make an immediate impact. Picking Coors Field as the home field was probably not the best decision and a 9-18 record in 1 run games is troublesome, but the Bombers success on the road could make them a tough out come playoff time.

NL Wild Card:
Augusta Pounders(kalikgod): 77-52
New Orleans Levee Builders(dwhit34): 74-55
Scranton Coal Miners(kjmulli): 74-55
Honolulu Heart Attacks(mike82usf): 72-57
Milwaukee Bondsmen(therock14): 69-60

After suffering a slow start the Pounders have had to fight their way back and appear to be clicking on all cylinders right now, having won 10 of 12. They've been involved in postseason play each season and a favorable schedule the rest of the way should give them a chance at a 2nd World Series title. Don't be suprised if their top flight pitching staff produces an upset come playoff time. New Orleans can send out a powerful offense, but having the hardest schedule from here on out will open the door for the balanced attack of the Coal Miners to take the final spot....which would give us 3 playoff teams from the NL East. Everyone is looking towards Feb. 23rd as the Levee Builders will play host to the Coal Miners, but there will be plenty of teams trying to spoil things for these teams along the way.


kjmulli said...

i especially like the part about the coal miners making their first ever playoff appearance

pvc4twenty said...
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kalikgod said...

It doesn't seem that long ago when everyone over 28 was on the trade block. I need to thank everyone for not offering me a deal I couldn't refuse.