Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Season 16 - Moving Forward

First I would like to say that in no means am i trying to take a shot at any 1 individual. I think most of us can take a little blame for the world being the mess it is. I personally have made 1 or 2 suspect trades and also won 22 games. You guys can blame me if you want. Now with that said, time to discuss some new rules. Lets just forget the past and not take things personally and move forward. I think everyone that looks at this blog would like to see the world improve and its not gonna happen if nothing changes.

Rule #1 - Anti-tanking Rule - I think this should be as simple as possible. Easy for owners to understand, easy for us to police.
-50/75 win totals. You must win at least 50 games every year and 125 any 2 year span
-50/110/180/260 I believe MikeG mentioned it, little more complex

Rule #2 - Setting your minor leagues - Pretty self explanatory, Not sure the exact wording for this rule though. Maybe no SP below 50% for x amount of games/Must have at least 9 active bats

Rule #3 - Major League players payroll budget minimum - some leagues restrict transfer amounts and international spending. Im personally not a big fan of these but a ML player floor kind of restricts them a little bit, while ensuring more competitiveness at the ML level. Nothing major here, just to keep teams from running league minimums. Maybe 40 million or something

Rule #4 - Cash in trades. I personally am against the buying of players. I like the idea of amount of cash a team offers can only be as high as their players' involved salary. Basically you can only pay your guys salary for the other team.

Please post any rules you guys would like and your feelings on these rules. In no way do I want to put in place rules that we cant all agree on. A few other ideas : voting in new owners, which i dont think is possible with the number of openings we will have this year, restricting relocating/renaming, Contract/transfer/IFA maximums, and ballpark restrictions.