Thursday, February 28, 2008

Championship Odds

This following is not for betting purposes. It is for entertainment value alone.

As we rapidly approach the postseason in season 7 of Camp, let's take a moment to assess the odds of each playoff team winning the World Series.

Arizona Thunder Chickens - 3 to 2
Any discussion on this topic has to begin with the defending, and two-time champion Arizona Thunder Chickens. The Peckers come into the playoff with the number 1 ranked offense and the number 2 ranked pitching staff. The lineup is full of dudes that get on base (the team OBA is .421). The staff has 4 20-game winners, including Cy-favorite Earl "Methuselah" Gabriel (who colson almost traded to me early in the season, dammit) who is 28-2. Perhaps the only weakness in this ballclub is the lack of a pure closer. (Valdivia is nice, but his stamina limits him). Of course, scoring 8 runs a game in the regular season, the team rarely had close games where they needed a closer. This tends to be different in the post-season. Could this be the axe on the Chickens' necks?

Tampa Bay Boozers - 2 to 1
Another NL juggernaut, the Booze-hounds sport far-and-away the league's best starting rotation (team ERA of 3.21). You don't need beer-goggles to love Karl "Nipples" Piersoll (20-5/2.45), Matt "Grizzly" Adams (23-5/2.67), and Abdul "Jihad" Wallace (25-7/3.00). Like Arizona, however, the drunks lack a clear option at closer. Their offense is led by all-time HR leader Otis "the Drunk" Parent (.328/62/158) and Charles "Last Tango in" Perez (.353/28/108). If they meet up in the LCS (Toronto may have something to say about this), it'll be a battle for the ages between Arizona and Tampa Bay.

Austin Chin Music - 4 to 1
The Chin Music come into the playoffs as the #1 seed in the AL. The strength of the team is in their offense, which comes in at 3rd-best in the league (.304/.373/.507). Season 6 MVP Willie (Nilly" Chavez (.327/57/174), Dusty "Bad" Mann (.353/34/111), Willie "Wonka" Cambridge (.328/38/125), and mid-season acquisition Homer "Sexual" Simmons (.356/22/105) lead the way. The rotation is headed by 2-time Cy Young Rafael Osuna "O-later" (18-5/3.27). Alas, despite a season-long effort to trade for another front-end starter, in Chin Music's staff there's a significant dropoff from Osuna to the #2, Rico Cruz "Control" (17-6/4.37) and #3, Chuck "Big Dick" Griffin (16-7/4.55). This could very well be the downfall of Austin.

Toronto Greased-Up Deaf Guys - 5 to 1
Sporting arguably the most exciting pitcher in the history of the league (Don "Corleone" Bale), Toronto comes in with some momentum. The league's 4th-best staff is dramatically improved by the late-season addition of Bale (3-0/3.93 in his first 5 starts). Sven "Viking" Simmons (18-7/3.50) and a very good bully back up Bale. The offense is led by HR-hitting contest champ Izzy "Fa-shizzie" Florie (.360/40/112), rookie Evan "Almighty" Harrison (.357/15/72), and slugger Jim Drese "Monkey" (.319/40/109). If Toronto doesn't win it this season, they most likely will soon, as their farm system is LOADED.

San Francisco Slumpbusters - 7 to 1
The #2 seed coming out of the AL, SF may need numerous liaisons with some of Mark Grace's slumpbusting fat chicks to go all the way. The leaders of the team are Raymond "Van Down by the River" Farley (.330/61/165), Skeeter "Wife-beater" Duncan (19-5/3.04), and a shut-down bully. While stacked, this team will have to sleep its way through at least two better teams to win it all.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bale rocked in ML debut, gets win anyway

One of the best pitching prospects to come along in some time made his major league debut recently and was welcomed with a bang. Well, several bangs actually.

Don Bale threw 7.1 innings for the Greased-Up Deaf Guys in his first big league start against the Scottsdale Dust devils and allowed 8 earned runs on 10 hits. Bale did strikeout 8 hitters while walking none, and even stayed around long enough to pickup the win thanks to Toronto’s 16 runs scored including 7 RBIs from Jim Drese. The rough debut isn’t exactly what Toronto was hoping for when they called up Bale from AA and the team hopes he can turn it around before the playoffs begin.

Don Bale
Greased-Up Deaf Guys
Age: 21B/T: L/L
Born: Glen Cove, NY
Position(s): P (SP2)
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tampa leaving Camp?

It seems that all is not well by the bay.

A petition to evict the Tampa franchise from Camp has been initiated by the clubs from Louisville and Minnesota. Is the Otis Parent FGH claim to blame? Or is it the personal Jihad Tampa General Manager, pvc4twenty, has waged during season 7?

We have it on record from a guy, whose sisters' friends' cousins' friend overheard a sports talkshow host quoting an anonymous source that pvc4twenty has claimed "Camp is dead!"

We are looking deeper into these allegations as we speak. But if you ask this reporter, it totally stinks of roid rage! Is GM pvc4twenty a little too close to Otis Parent? Sharing the same needle perhaps? Stay tuned as details continue to unfold.

KKKKKarl Piersoll is KKKKing!

Tampa - Newly acquired ace Karl Piersoll set the single season strikeout record on Wednesday against Honolulu. Piersoll broke Earl Gabriel's record of 235 ks in a season and now has 240 on the year to go with a 2.77 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP.

Karl Piersoll
Tampa Bay
Age: 25B/T: S/R
Born: Bel Air, MD
Position(s): P (SP2)
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Breaking News...Parent named in Switchell Report.

Since former Senator Jorge Switchell launched his investigation into baseball's steroid past 18 months ago, the big questions have been whether the final report would name names, and how many names would be named, and how important the names would be.

Some officials came away from a 32-team Camp League Baseball conference call held mid-day Monday with the understanding that the forthcoming Switchell report would include many names; names which have so far not been disclosed publicly; and the names of well-known players.

According to those familiar with the conference call, Tim Jarlucci, a lawyer for HBD, told the team representatives on the conference call that the report is going to be "salacious."

Said one source familiar with what was said on the conference call, "This is going to be enormous ... it's going to be a huge story when these names come out."

And tonight we have learned that Tampa Bay Boozer's slugger, Otis Parent, appears in the report. Simon Funnybone, Parents' former trainer, has admitted to injecting Parent with FHG (Fantasy Growth Hormone) as far back as Season 2. Funnybone has surrendered evidence to support his claims. The evidence consisted of 2 Kleenex tissues, which Parent cried into as he was being injected, and a video tape of Parent and Funnybone wearing Speedos and singing Britney Spears' "Oooops...I Did It Again."

Other names rumored to appear in the report are Berry Bonz, Rojur Clemmons, Marc Macwire, and Rafial Palmeero.

In return for his cooperation, Funnybone, will receive complete immunity and the home edition of Deal or No Deal.

Wild Finish

The Wild Card races in both leagues are tightly packed and likely won't be decided until the final games of the season, a welcomed sight with division races all but over. Here is a rundown of where things stand as of this writing....

AL Wild Card Standings:
Philadelphia Athletics(markbl): 71-58
Colorado Bombers(jokeitch): 70-59
San Juan Sand Files(gccoach): 68-61
Rochester Royals(ericloy): 67-62
Pawtucket Quahogs(mikeg740): 64-65
Minnesota Finlanders(nalleyjohn): 63-66

With 33 games remaining all 6 teams are still in the running. The favorite to take one of the spots has to be the current leader, the Philly Athletics. Legendary manager Markbl has produced a playoff entrant in all 6 seasons, while bringing home the World Series in season 4. They will have to rely on the 5th ranked offense in order to make up for a pitching staff giving up over 5 runs a game. Despite having such a small lead over the 2nd spot, one would expect the Bombers to hold on and make the playoffs. Jokeitch is new to the league, but was able to take over a powerhouse franchise that has given him a chance to make an immediate impact. Picking Coors Field as the home field was probably not the best decision and a 9-18 record in 1 run games is troublesome, but the Bombers success on the road could make them a tough out come playoff time.

NL Wild Card:
Augusta Pounders(kalikgod): 77-52
New Orleans Levee Builders(dwhit34): 74-55
Scranton Coal Miners(kjmulli): 74-55
Honolulu Heart Attacks(mike82usf): 72-57
Milwaukee Bondsmen(therock14): 69-60

After suffering a slow start the Pounders have had to fight their way back and appear to be clicking on all cylinders right now, having won 10 of 12. They've been involved in postseason play each season and a favorable schedule the rest of the way should give them a chance at a 2nd World Series title. Don't be suprised if their top flight pitching staff produces an upset come playoff time. New Orleans can send out a powerful offense, but having the hardest schedule from here on out will open the door for the balanced attack of the Coal Miners to take the final spot....which would give us 3 playoff teams from the NL East. Everyone is looking towards Feb. 23rd as the Levee Builders will play host to the Coal Miners, but there will be plenty of teams trying to spoil things for these teams along the way.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Four hondo and counting...

Death, Taxes and Otis Parent will hit 50 HRs a season. The two-time reigning National League MVP hit his 400th career home run on Wednesday, a first in Camp. Despite haters from all over saying Otis' ratings just "aren't that good" he continues to show that ratings only matter so much. Parent is having a quiet 47 hr 121 RBI season right now. Tough to make noise after clubbing 154 hr and driving in 424 runs the past two seasons.

Otis Parent
Tampa Bay
Age: 26B/T: L/L
Born: Hammond, IN
Position(s): 1B
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sanchez seen betting on cockfighting

Philadelphia Athletics right fielder Carlos Sanchez was reportedly seen at a cockfighting match several weeks ago in a Mexican suburb. Witnesses say that Sanchez was seen betting other members of the audience as to who had the best cock. Phone calls to Sanchez's agent were not returned, though a friend of Sanchez's said that cockfighting is perfectly legal in Mexico and that Sanchez was just embracing his roots. The only problem there is that Sanchez is not Mexican. In fact, Sanchez was born in and currently resides in Wyoming, possibly the whitest state in America.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter to the outfielder asking him to publicly apologize. Philadelphia officials could not be reached for comment.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vegas gets Barcelo; Scranton nabs Mateo

The bidding wars for the two most recent international stars have come to an end. Super stud Ramiro Barcelo decided to sign with the Las Vegas Gamblers for a one-year minor league deal with a $14.5 million signing bonus. Barcelo could start in the majors right away but with a year or two under his belt in the minors, he will be an All-Star for years to come.

Shortstop Tomas Mateo finally decided to take a 5-year major league deal from the Scranton Coal Miners along with a $9.9 million signing bonus. It appeared that the bidding for Mateo was initially higher until Barcelo appeared on the radar, for whom teams may have shifted gears. Scranton’s lack of prospect money compared to other teams like Vegas and New York made the Coal Miners get crafty and eventually offer a big league deal to Mateo.

The 22-year-old Barcelo has yet to be assigned to a level at this time while the 19-year-old Mateo will begin his career with Scranton's HiA team.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

International men of mystery

In what has been the craziest, most expensive and most talent loaded international market ever in Camp (and maybe in HBD altogether), several teams have ponied-up for some future major league All-Stars. Here’s a look at some prominent signings from this year’s international market:

SS Miguel Siqueiros, Tucson Sands ($32.2 million bonus)
The Sands paid out a ridiculous record amount of $32.2 million to Siqueiros in addition to giving the 19-year-old a 5-year major league deal. Siqueiros looks to have an excellent balance of glove and bat for a SS and certainly has a chance to make a few All-Star teams in his career. Some are skeptical of Tucson’s decision to assign Siqueiros to their AAA team right away and whether or not that move will stunt his development is a question that won’t be answered for a couple of seasons.

P Julio Guillen, Scottsdale Dust devils ($15.9 million bonus)
Scottsdale jumped on the first big name available in the international market this season when they signed Guillen. Guillen boasts an above average fastball-change up combo with excellent control of both. In eight starts with Scottsdale’s Rookie League team, Guillen is 4-2 with a 2.40 ERA and 49 strikeouts this season.

P Pedro Barrios, Louisville Flame Throwers ($10.9 million bonus)
Barrios has the skills to be a future closer in the big leagues. He features an excellent sinker which he has great command of and can be equally tough on righties and lefties. In 24 appearances at HiA Louisville this season, the 20-year-old Barrios is 3-2 with 2 saves, a 3.18 ERA and 49 strikeouts.

P Jacob Lee, San Francisco Slumpbusters ($8.2 million bonus)
The 18-year-old Lee projects to be a middle of the rotation starter in the big leagues someday. He has very good control of a very good fastball and is tough on lefties. He could have trouble with righties and lacks a big time secondary pitch, though his curveball will be effective. In seven games for San Fran’s Rookie League team, Lee is 5-0 with a 3.18 ERA.

C R.J. Mieses, Mexico City Day Laborers ($7.0 million bonus)
Probably the biggest bargain of this international crop, Mieses brings a big bat along with his great pitch calling. While he doesn’t have the greatest throwing arm in the world, Mieses may not have to worry about throwing runners out with some of the young pitchers in Mexico City’s system. In 38 games for the Day Laborer’s Rookie League team, Mieses is hitting .342 with 8 homeruns and 48 RBIs.

LF Ramiro Barcelo, unsigned
The bidding war continues for Barcelo who, at 22-years-old, could play everyday in the big leagues right away. With a couple years of minor league experience, Barcelo will be a force for years to come and will be a lock for at least a half dozen All-Star appearances.

SS Tomas Mateo, unsigned
Like Miguel Siqueiros, Mateo has a nice blend of glove and bat, though to a lesser degree. If he’s unable to reach his potential with the glove, he could easily make for a Gold Glove third baseman.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tampa Bay begins to fill their bare cupboard

Some might say it's the cost of winning. Others might contend that without it you can't win down the road. Both would be right. No matter how you slice it, building a strong minor league system is imperative in HBD. Despite having one of the worst farm systems in all of Camp, The Tampa Bay Boozers made a monster move on Friday with the acquisition of Karim Nunez from the skidding Scranton Coal Miners. In return, the Coal Miners received one of the most consistent pitchers in the NL, Damaso Castro . Castro has won 20 games three times and has over 100 career wins.

Nunez immediately makes Tampa's future look brighter while Castro should make Scranton a legitimate wild card contender. "As much as we hate to deal Castro to a team that is in our division, we just couldn't overlook the potential of Nunez. He reminds me of a young Karl Piersoll," said Tampa GM pvc4twenty. Will this deal come back to haunt either ball club? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trade deadline approaches quietly

With the season 7 trade deadline approaching, the trade front is seemingly quiet though two deals were completed today.

The Minnesota Finlanders sent P Theo Munson, P Jeff Bryant and recently acquired SS Ted Orosco to the Scottsdale Dust Devils for P Ben Brown. Brown had been 7-8 with a 3.77 ERA in 19 starts with Scottsdale this season. Minnesota hopes the move can push them past the Cincinnati Reds in the AL North.

The other deal completed today saw the Scranton Coal Miners send C Eugene Buck and P Bono Myers to the Charlotte Paladins for 3B Jack Ray. This deal won't have any affect on the playoff race this season, but Ray and Myers could contribute for Scranton and Charlotte, respectively, next season. Ray, a former first round pick, had been hitting .335 with 15 homeruns, 78 RBIs and a .409 OBP in 75 games between AA and AAA Charlotte this season. Buck, known more for his pitch calling, was hitting .289 with 5 homeruns at LoA Scranton while Myers had a 13-6 record with a 3.82 ERA in 21 starts at AAA Scranton.

Holbert ends holdout, signs with Day Laborers

The number one pick in the season 7 draft has finally ended the wait. 2B prospect Ken Holbert has accepted Mexico City's 3-year major league contract and $8 million signing bonus. Holbert had been holding out since being drafted, threatening to enter next year's draft if he didn't receive the contract he thought he deserved. Holbert initially had asked for a $4 million signing bonus, which the Day Laborer's eventually doubled.

Ken Holbert

Monday, February 4, 2008

Camp midseason awards

While players rest up for the second half of the season, here are one man’s picks for Camp’s award winners at the halfway point of season 7. (Note: I didn’t pick the Rookie of the Year because I didn’t feel like combing through everyone’s teams. Lazy? You bet.)

American League
MVP – Willie Chavez, Austin Chin Music
You can’t ask for any more than what Chavez has provided the Chin Music this season. Chavez is hitting .342 with 37 homeruns, 120 RBIs and a .691 slugging percentage. He’ll get some competition in this category from teammate Dusty Mann who has also posted excellent numbers so far this season. Slumpbusters’ Ray Farley also may have something to say about the outcome here.
Apologies to Dusty Mann (Austin), Bartolo Escuela (Colorado), Raymond Farley (San Francisco)

Cy Young – Sherman Byrne, Louisville Flame Throwers
Byrne has been the cream of the crop in the AL so far this season and has helped lead Louisville’s march towards the playoffs. Byrne boasts a 12-2 record with a 2.61 ERA and 109 strikeouts at the break. His teammate Rick Faulk also hasn’t been too shabby himself and with a strong second half could steal the Cy Young from Byrne.
Apologies to Skeeter Duncan (San Francisco) Rick Faulk (Louisville) and Rafael Osuna (Austin)

Fireman of the Year – Charlie Winston, Colorado Bombers
This race will come down to the wire with plenty of good closers in the AL. I went with Winston who has converted 15 of 18 save opportunities this season with a 2.35 ERA in 38.1 innings pitched, but this race is far from over.
Apologies to Eric Cobb (Rochester), Midre Acevedo (San Francisco), Domingo Diaz (Louisville), Jerry Price (Austin)

National League
MVP – Felipe Abreu, Arizona Thunder Chickens
A .425 batting average. A .553 on base percentage. Both would be single season records and both are the current numbers for Arizona’s superstar catcher Felipe Abreu. He has also notched 102 runs, 98 walks and just two strikeouts at the break. That’s right, two. In 358 at bats. Ridiculous.
Apologies to Howard Lowell (New Orleans) and Charles Perez (Tampa Bay)

Cy Young – Earl Gabriel, Arizona Thunder Chickens
The only one who even comes close to Gabriel here is Tampa Bay’s Matt Adams. The two shared the Cy Young last year but Gabriel has a big edge in the wins and ERA departments to this point in the season. I mean 19 wins at the break? Gabriel shows no signs of slowing down at age 36 and looks like he’ll wrap up his fifth straight Cy Young Award if he stays on pace.
Apologies to Matt Adams (Tampa Bay)

Fireman of the Year – Wiki Beltran, Memphis Blues
There aren’t many shutdown closers in the NL, but Beltran is on the short list. He’s third in the league with 18 saves, but has just one blown save on the season. Of the other closers contending for the award, Toronto’s Neil Simas has four blown saves and Scranton’s Orlando Feliz already has seven. Beltran also has a lower ERA than the two.
Apologies to Neil Simas (Toronto) and Orlando Feliz (Scranton)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where are they now?

An analysis of the drafts for the Scranton Coal Miners franchise from seasons 1-7 (first 5 rounds):

SEASON 1 (New York Apples, previous owner)
1 (5) SS Willis Henderson – unsigned
3 (90) P Ruben Renteria – left via free agency after season 6. Currently in AAA for Trenton.
4 (122) P Bryant DeRosa – traded to Austin in season 3 along with Benji Nunez for Vic Hafner. Currently pitching for the Chicago Cubs.
5 (154) SS Jimmie Pascual – waived in season 2. Currently retired.

SEASON 2 (Huntington Hillbillies, previous owner)
1 (2) P Jack Harris – 3 time minor league All-Star, season 5 AAA Cy Young winner. Currently starting for the Coal Miners ML team. Career 3.84 ERA in ML.
1 (19) P Fred Blank – unsigned
1 (33) P Ewell Forbes – elected to RL All-Star team in season 2. Traded to Trenton in season 4. Currently starting for Charlotte Paladins ML squad.
1 (212) P Jerome Kirk – unsigned
2 (50) P Vin Mayne – traded to Toronto in season 4 along with Charlie Perry and Benny Rivera for John Wolf. Currently pitching out of the Tucson Sands bullpen in ML.
3 (82) P Bono Myers – Currently pitching for Scranton in AAA. 61-22 career with 4.05 ERA in minors.
4 (114) P Willie Rosa – unsigned
5 (146) P Lenny Barnes – unsigned

1 (4) 2B Charlie Riley – season 5 All-Star at AA Scranton. Currently starting for Scranton ML club.
1 (43) P Ronn Gonzalez – Currently pitching out of AAA Scranton bullpen. Career 3.74 minor league ERA.
1 (49) P Ron Richard – traded to Trenton in season 4 with Ewell Forbes for Joaquin Liriano. Currently starting for Toronto HiA.
2 (55) SS Charlie Perry – traded to Toronto in season 4 along with Benny Rivera and Vin Mayne for John Wolf.
3 (87) LF Don MacDougal – unsigned
4 (119) P Andrew Alston – season 4 All-Star in RL. Currently pitching for AA Scranton.
5 (151) 1B Stevie Corino – traded to Minnesota in season 6 along with Al Mesa for Dizzy Hawkins. Currently playing at AAA Honolulu.

1 (12) SS Phil Carson – 2 time minor league All-Star for Scranton. Traded to Jacksonville in season 6 along with Phil Dreifort and Richard Appier for Sven Reid and Frank Fielder. Currently starting for Atlanta’s ML team.
2 (69) P Monte Bravo – season 6 LoA All-Star. Currently pitching for HiA Scranton.
3 (101) P Tony Park – unsigned
4 (133) P Richard Appier – traded to Jacksonville in season 6 along with Phil Dreifort and Phil Carson for Sven Reid and Frank Fielder. Currently pitching for AA Atlanta.
5 (165) P Chad Knotts – Currently pitching for HiA Scranton.

1 (4) 1B Raymond Purcell
– traded to Scottsdale in season 7 along with Wade O’Donnell and Mark Suzuki for Bill Appier.
2 (55) P Justin Middlebrook – currently pitching out of Scranton’s HiA bullpen. Career 3.30 minor league ERA.
3 (87) P Darrin Hawkins – unsigned. Signed in season 6 by Memphis, currently pitching for AAA Memphis.
4 (119) P Jackie Minor – currently pitching for LoA Scranton
5 (151) P Jerome Carlson – currently pitching for LoA Scranton

3 (94) C Eugene Buck
– currently catching for LoA Scranton
4 (126) CF Jumbo Silva – currently playing for LoA Scranton
5 (158) P Richard Brown – currently pitching for LoA Scranton

1 (23) P Matt Collins
– currently 4-0 with 4.34 ERA at LoA Scranton
2 (65) P Clay Youkilis – currently at LoA Scranton with a 1.93 ERA in 4.2 IP
3 (97) C Rob Harmon – currently hitting .221 in 20 games at LoA Scranton
4 (129) SS Cliff Taylor – unsigned
5 (161) 3B Geoffery Mlicki – currently batting .429 in 16 games with Scranton RL team.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Player spotlight : The future is bright in Atlanta

As the Atlanta Knights build for the future there is no doubt they are counting on RJ Sheffield to help lead the way. This his rookie season currently has RJ batting .291 with 16 HR's, 71 RBI, and 13 stolen bases. We recently had the chance to speak with RJ about his experience so far.

"RJ, what has been this biggest adjustment for you this season?" "Preparing yourself day in and day out to face ML pitching. All the pitchers up here are tough and they all have good stuff."

"Did you expect to be with the big league club this season?" "I always set high expectations myself and I just went into spring training with the mindset that I was going to do my best to make the big league squad. In the end I don't make that call. But I am very happy to be here."

"Obviously this team is in a rebuilding stage. What do you think the future is like for this team?" "I think the future is very bright. The new ownership has already taken some steps to make this franchise competitive. Everyone really liked the move from Jacksonville to Atlanta. Atlanta is a really cool city and they love baseball here. We're growing as players and learning how to win. I like the direction we are heading."

"We hear you are close in the All-Star voting. What would it mean to you to make the All-Star team as a rookie?" "That would be amazing! To be called an All-Star and to play in that game would be a true honor."

"What are your expectations for the rest of the season?" "As a team we want to get to .500. That would really give us some momentum for next season. Personally, I'm just taking it one game at a time and doing my best to help the team win."

We have no doubt with young players like RJ Sheffield, Phil Carson, Fritz Lidge, and Eric Flier already contributing at the ML level that good things are right around the corner for the Knights.

Where Are They Now?

An analysis of the drafts for the Austin Chin Music franchise from season 1 through 7 (first 5 rounds):

SEASON 1 (by a previous owner):
1st Rd. (3 overall) SP Elvis Nicholson - Traded in season 5 to Cleveland in deal for ace Rafael Osuna. Now starting in the bigs.
1st - Supp (47) OF Rock Pride - Traded in season 4 to Scranton in deal for OF Vic Hafner. Now starting in the bigs.
2nd (56) SP Alfredo Nieves - Traded to Louisville in season 2 in a deal for a setup man in my championship season. Now toiling in the bigs for Atlanta.
2nd (66) RP Blade Cambridge - Traded to Minnesota in season 6 in a deal for AA OF Freddie Barclay. Now pitching in AAA for Louisville.
3rd (88) SS Willie Vernon - Traded to Pittsburgh in season 4 in a package for RF Achilles Snow. Now on the DL at AA for New York.
4th (120) P David Espada - Never signed. Out of organized baseball.
5th (152) 1B/DH Clayton Shelley - Traded to Boise in season 4 in a package for closer Jumbo Santiago. Now in AAA at Trenton.

SEASON 2 (my first HBD season).
1st (7) 3B Ron Turner - Traded to Scottsdale in season 7 for 1B - Fritz Gaillard and SS - Torey Benavente. Turner was an all-star in season 6.
2nd (55) 2B Vin Ramirez - Didn't sign. Signed as a free agent in season 3 by San Diego. Now at AAA for Colorado.
3rd (87) SS Tuck McClain - Traded in season 5 to Boston in a deal for AAA CF Edwards Van Hatten. Now starting at SS for Memphis.
4th (119) OF Cesar Chavez - Fourth outfielder at Austin's AAA affiliate.
5th (151) P Bret Hines - Long-reliever at Austin's AA affiliate.

1st (forfeited for signing FA)
2nd (77)
C Calvin Chase - Traded to Cleveland in season 5 in a deal for ace Rafael Osuna. Now a part-time starter for Tampa Bay.
3rd (109) SP Felipe Barajas - Starting at Austin's AA affiliate.
4th (141) C/DH Chris Hoffman - DH'ing at Austin's AAA affiliate.
5th (173) SP Paul Aldridge - Starting at Austin's HiA affiliate.

1st (22)
RF Jose Ramirez - Raking in RF at Austin's AAA affiliate. On the doorstep to stardom.
1st supp. (43)
SP David Manzanillo - Blowing them away at Austin's AA affiliate. 44-7 in the minors.
2nd (79) P Ernie Easley - Setting up at Austin's AA affiliate. Fringe major-league potential.
3rd (111) LF Wilt Fonville - Part-time starter at Austin's AA affiliate. May have a career as a LH PH.
4th (143) P Ross Patterson - Never signed. Out of organized baseball.
5th (175) SP Yogi Miller - Toiling at Austin's LoA affiliate.

1st (11)
SP Daniel McKay - Blowing them away (12-0, 2.44) at Austin's HiA affiliate.
1st supp. (37) SP Freddie Alexander - Traded to Atlanta in season 7 in a package for AA CF Alex Sweeney.
1st supp.(48) P Dallas Lee - Starting at Austin's HiA affiliate.
2nd (62) SP Nigel Mahaffey - Traded to Atlanta in season 7 in a package for AA CF Alex Sweeney.
2nd supp. (65) P Dweezil Helton - Coming out of the bully at Austin's HiA affiliate. ML-potential.
3rd (94) SP Ismael Sanchez - Starting at killing it at Austin's HiA affiliate (ML potential).
4th (126) SP Hal Hawkins - Starting and doing well at Austin's AA affiliate.
5th (158) P - Lloyd Kelley - Never signed; shootin' hoops somewhere.

1st (20)
SP Ernest Holdridge - Traded in season 7 to Scottsdale (along with Ron Turner) for 1B Fritz Gaillard and SS Torey Benavente.
2nd (65) 2B Benny Baerga - Starting at Austin's LoA affiliate. Future MLer.
3rd (97) RP Hipolito Reyes - Closing at Austin's LoA affiliate. Future ML closer.
4th (129) SS Albert Lopez - Starting SS at Austin's LoA affiliate. Potential utility infielder in the bigs.
5th (161) 2B George Allensworth - Never signed. Starting point guard in an Italian basketball league.

1st (30)
2B Wes Thompson - Starting LF at Austin's RL affiliate. Will rake in the bigs someday.
1st supp. (36) RP Charlie Hiller - Closing for Austin's RL affiliate. If he can control the ball, will be a shutdown closer in the bigs.
2nd (72) SP Tom Barber - Starting for Austin's RL affiliate. Potential back-end of the rotation ML starter.
3rd (104) P - Hensley Bird - Asking for ridiculous money. Will never play for the Chin Music.
4th (136) 1B Trever Gutierrez - Starting at 1B for Austin's RL affiliate. Potential ML DH.
5th (168) P Alex Gonzalez - Starting at Austin's RL affiliate. Destined to be a AAA middle reliever.