Friday, February 8, 2008

Tampa Bay begins to fill their bare cupboard

Some might say it's the cost of winning. Others might contend that without it you can't win down the road. Both would be right. No matter how you slice it, building a strong minor league system is imperative in HBD. Despite having one of the worst farm systems in all of Camp, The Tampa Bay Boozers made a monster move on Friday with the acquisition of Karim Nunez from the skidding Scranton Coal Miners. In return, the Coal Miners received one of the most consistent pitchers in the NL, Damaso Castro . Castro has won 20 games three times and has over 100 career wins.

Nunez immediately makes Tampa's future look brighter while Castro should make Scranton a legitimate wild card contender. "As much as we hate to deal Castro to a team that is in our division, we just couldn't overlook the potential of Nunez. He reminds me of a young Karl Piersoll," said Tampa GM pvc4twenty. Will this deal come back to haunt either ball club? Only time will tell.

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