Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Season 8 storylines

The Arizona Thunder Chickens will begin their quest for a third straight World Series trophy on Friday as the defending champions open up Season 8 at home against the Seattle Grunge. But that's just one of the many storylines worth following this season as there are plenty of teams looking to dethrone the supreme team of Camp. Here are some other things to watch as season 8 gets under way:

At 37-years-old, will Earl Gabriel ever show signs of aging?

Can Otis Parent win a fourth straight NL MVP Award?

Can Tampa Bay, Toronto, or any other NL team dethrone Arizona as the NL Champions?(Augusta is the only other NL team to ever reach the World Series)

Can anyone break Austin's stranglehold on the American League?

Will three teams from the NL East (NL Beast) make the playoffs this season after Scranton missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker in season 7?

Will three teams from the AL East make the playoffs this season...again?

Is Sven Simmons the missing piece in the Slumpbusters' quest for a World Series title?

Will this be the season that all of the young talent that Mexico City has stockpiled over the years (except of course, The Don) be unleashed on the National League?

Speaking of The Don, can Don Bale win 20 games in his first full ML season for Toronto?

What's in store for the $32 million man?

Can Orlando Cedeno deliver the goods for a New York team with their eyes on the playoffs or will he be a $60 million bust?

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