Friday, April 4, 2008

Philadelphia A's Press Release

(Philadelphia, PA) The Philadelphia Athletics announced today club Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief of Baseball Operations and Executive General Manager markbl was stepping down from his role as corporate head of the Baseball Organization in order to focus on his GM duties running the day to day baseball operations of the club.

"We as an organization need to re-focus our energies on baseball operations in order to ensure the Philadelphia Athletics remain the class of the American League both on and off the field. Lately due to the priority that operating revenues had become in order to self-finance our new stadium project, I was abhorrently negligent with my responsibility to the team on the field... and I believe that was reflected in our overall record and our playoff performance last season. It will not be allowed to happen again."

A decision on who is to succeed markbl in those executive roles he has vacated is to be determined at the next Executive Board meeting scheduled for this Saturday in Philadelphia.

The A's enter Season 8 as one of the most successful franchises in the League with over 700 wins, five division titles and The World's Championship of Season 4.

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TxLnghrn said...

Philadelphia as "the class of the American League"? Beg pardon, but it lies in central Texas.