Saturday, April 5, 2008

Death, Taxes and these teams will make the playoffs...

Parity is nonexistent in Camp. The world is ruled by a handful of juggernauts who's only concern heading into the season is what seed they will be in the postseason. Meanwhile, the 20 franchises change owners, stockpile prospects for a "future" that they will likely never see and tank games to improve draft position. Like it or not, that's the way it is. That being said, the following teams will 100% make the playoffs:
Tampa Bay
New Orleans

San Fran

I don't really know much about the AL, mostly because it is horrid. No offense to the teams listed above but it's tough to be competitive when you have the turnover that the AL has year in and year out.

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javigent said...

Wow! you got the Cubbies making the playoffs, that's a 40+ game swing from last season, now that is one heck of a turnaround, well they are delivering, they are off to a great start at 4-1. (no offence meant to the Cubs.)