Monday, March 10, 2008

WS Player-by-Player matchups

Arizona and Austin. Each the #1 seed in their league. How do they match up?

AZ Felipe Abreu .415/.553/.486 9 HRs/79 RBI
AU Corey Speaker .334/.400/.488 17/88

Abreu has the clear offensive advantage here.

AZ Kordell Peterson .354/.475/.651 28/109

AU Homer Simmons .356/.419/.557 22/105
Taking into account Peterson's dreadful defense, I'll call this one a wash.

AZ John Bruske .306/.405/.616 36/173

AU Chili Mota .296/.357/.446 18/89
Clearly in favor of Arizona.

AZ Jamie Hillenbrand .348/.443/.565 26/129

AU Dusty Mann .353/.394/.635 34/112
In his heyday, Hillenbrand would have taken this one. Not now. Advantage Austin.

AZ Jamie Enders .341/.398/.527 21/125

AU Blaine Serrano .267/.331/.461 24/80
Despite his total lack of range on D, Enders wins this one.

AZ Danny Spence .327/.417/.455 12/69

AU Willie Chavez .328/.390/.674 57/174
Chavez wins this one going away.

AZ Dee James .352/.408/.588 28/136
AU John Wolf .301/.411/.470 16/65
Fairly close, but advantage James.

AZ Glenn Phelps .314/.419/.601 44/154
AU Willie Cambridge .328/.384/.620 39/127
I'll call it a wash

AZ Tom Allen .342/.410/.643 29/95
AU Fritz Gaillard .286/.364/.519 31/109
Once again, advantage Arizona.

In sum, Arizona wins the offensive matchups 5-2-2.

AZ Earl Gabriel 29-2 /2.59/1.00
AZ Flash Hammond 21-6/3.64/1.20
AZ Orlando Blanco 20-9/4.23/1.34
AZ Jimmy Donovan 23-4/3.87/1.34

AU Rafael Osuna 18-5/3.27/1.17
AU Rico Cruz 17-6/4.37/1.31
AU Chuck Griffin 17-7/4.57/1.38
AU Bret Ross 12-8/4.79/1.45

Even throwing out the won/loss records, Arizona has an advantage in starters. The bullpen, however, is a different story. Austin's bully sported a 3.68 ERA on the year, while Arizona's posted a 4.59 ERA.

Overall, however, Arizona comes in with the better team all-around. Upsets are always possible, though, in HBD.

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