Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ken Holbert holdout watch

As we prepare to enter week two of the Ken Holbert standoff, Mexico City GM e_mandat, affectionately know by his peers as mandate, may be wondering whether or not the Sim Gods have something against him.

In season 5, the Day Laborers missed out on super stud pitcher Don Bale despite having the number one pick in the draft. With that wound still fresh, e_mandat now faces the possibility of losing the number one overall pick in the season 7 draft, 2B Ken Holbert. Holbert has yet to sign with Mexico City and e_mandat provided us with this update on the situation recently:

“Ken is mulling over your offer. You've given him the big league deal he wants, but we're still debating whether he could get more next year after a season in indy ball. Give us time, and we'll get back with you. More money may make that call come quicker.”

Whether or not the Day Laborers have offered more than Holbert’s original demand of a $4 million bonus is unknown. But it looks like if Holbert is going to sign with Mexico City, it will likely be for close to double that amount. Holbert’s camp did make it clear that there was a possibility he would not sign before the draft took place, but you can’t blame e_mandat for rolling the dice and drafting a stud 2B that projects into the high 90’s overall.

Mexico City can only hope that Holbert agrees to sign eventually. Otherwise, it will be another disappointing draft for the Day Laborers.

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